GRANT AWARDEE 2024: Albucasis Fellows

ابو القاسم الزهراوي

Dr. Majid Ismayilzada

“It is a great honor for me to be selected for Albucasis Grant by Hamdi Foundation. I want to express my gratitude to the director of the program Professor Moustapha Hamdi, a master in the field of breast reconstruction.

This fellowship is a great opportunity for improving my knowledge and surgical experience in breast reconstruction under guidance of Prof.Hamdi.
Skillfully applying aesthetic and reconstructive perspectives in breast surgery is a concept that requires a very important practice and knowledge. I would like to express my thanks to Prof.Hamdi for sharing his experience with young plastic surgeons.”

Dr. Rana Farsakoury

“Having committed my career to the pursuit of distinction in Plastic Surgery, I am thrilled to know that I have been accepted for the Albucasis Breast Surgery Fellowship at Brussels under the distinguished guidance of Professor Moustapha Hamdi.

I diligently pursued opportunities to engage in Breast Surgery since the beginning of my medical journey, where I strengthened my surgical skills under the guidance of expert plastic surgeons. These experiences provided me the expertise necessary to handle the challenges of Breast Plastic Surgery.

Nevertheless, I am confident that completing a fellowship at the esteemed Prof. Hamdi Foundation will provide me with unparalleled knowledge, comprehensive training, and practical skills I need to thrive in this exciting and demanding sub-specialty. I am grateful for granting me the opportunity to work with pioneers in the field and gain from their vast experience.”