GRANT AWARDEE 2024: Brussels Breast Fellowship

Dr. Anne Wangui Waithaka.


Being very diligent, passionate about breast surgery, enthusiastic to see the satisfaction and life changing impact it had on my patients got me going down the rabbit hole to explore more on current inventions and innovations. In the quest for self improvement, Professor Hamdi’s extensive work in breast surgery; his novel surgical techniques, multiple publications in peer reviewed journals, extensive research work and impressive contribution to the field of breast surgery and breast cancer stood out. His dedication, commitment and passion incredibly inspired me.

It is with great humility and immense gratitude that I receive this prestigious fellowship from Professor Hamdi. A rare opportunity to stand on the shoulder of a giant.

I would like to express my profound appreciation to Professor Hamdi for establishing the Hamdi Foundation, opening pathways for young plastic surgeons to advance in their careers. This fellowship will not only enhance my surgical skills, but give me an opportunity to transfer the same mentorship and apprenticeship to my colleagues in my country Kenya and Africa as a whole. As a recipient of the Fellowship I am dedicated to uphold the principles and pillars of the Hamdi Foundation throughout my career.

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to my professional mentors Dr. Eric Hungu (Breast Surgeon-Kenya) and Mr. Maisam Fazel (Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon- UK), for paving the way for the development of my career. To my dear parents, lovely husband and beautiful daughters accept my endless gratitude for being my core support system.