GRANT AWARDEE 2023: Dr. Kyriazidis awarded Brussels Breast Surgery Fellowship 2023

Words seem scarcely sufficient to express the deep humility and immense gratitude I feel upon being chosen as the recipient of the prestigious Brussels Breast Surgery Fellowship. This recognition stands as a remarkable opportunity to refine my skills and expertise in reconstructive breast surgery under the invaluable guidance of the eminent Professor Moustapha Hamdi.

This honor does not merely affirm my dedication to the complex and intricate aspects of reconstructive surgery, but it also fortifies my determination to augment my expertise in this pivotal discipline. The congruence of the Fellowship’s objectives with my own ambitions propels my unwavering commitment to my professional development and clinical proficiency.

This Fellowship extends beyond being a prestigious accolade; it embodies the significant responsibility I now bear to uphold the esteemed standards set by the Hamdi Foundation.

I express my profound gratitude to Professor Hamdi for creating this fellowship, which provides a beacon for aspiring plastic surgeons seeking to excel in breast reconstructive surgery. I also wish to extend my deep-seated appreciation to the entire scientific committee, which includes Alex Nistor MD, PhD., Randy de Baerdemaeker MD PhD., and Mrs. Vivian Breinhild from Polytech®. Your faith in my potential is deeply appreciated, and I eagerly anticipate embarking on this transformative journey.

Finally, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude towards my family, as well as the professors and consultants from both the U.K. and Greece. Special mention must go to Miss Rieka Taghizadeh, as her collective support and instruction have been instrumental in helping me achieve this milestone in my career.

Dr. Yannis Kyriazidis
MD, Bs (Hons), MSc, FRSPH, PhD(c)